Jurnal Sistem Cerdas with eISSN: 2622-8254 is a peer-reviewed journal serving as a publication medium for research findings that support the research and development of cities, villages, sectors, and other systems. The Intelligent Systems Journal is published by the Smart Indonesia Initiative Association (APIC) and is released every four months (April, August, and December). This journal is expected to serve as a platform for publishing research findings from practitioners, academics, authorities, and related communities.

The purpose of the Intelligent Systems Journal is to contribute to the intellectual life of the nation by the mandate contained in the preamble of the 1945 Constitution. This journal also serves as a platform for the publication of innovations, technologies, and policies of the APIC community, related to education and the intelligence of large-scale system components.

The scope of the systems discussed is attached but not limited to;

  1. System engineering
  2. Artificial Intelligence Technology (AI) and Machine Learning
  3. Internet of Things
  4. Big Data
  5. Systems and components for urban, rural or other Smart areas
  6. Smart mobility and transportation systems and components
  7. Systems and Smart energy components
  8. Smart tourism systems and components
  9. Systems and components of smart city security and comfort
  10. Smart infrastructure systems and components
  11. Smart health systems and components
  12. Smart Education systems and components
  13. Robots and Smart Systems.

– etc


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